Monday, December 15, 2008

Can't Get Enough of New York

Well . . . I just returned from a wonderful trip to New York. Each time I go, it just seems to get better and better. I owe a lot of the fun to my husband, of course, who allowed me to tag along on his business trip and indulged me in shows and food and shopping, but also to Christine Neeleman, my husband's boss' wife. That woman knows the city like the back of her hand and has connections galore. She took my regular New York shopping experience and raised it to a whole new level. I may never be the same!

I'll start with one of the unique and memorable experiences. We went to the Regis and Kelly Show. We didn't just "go" we were "VIP" audience members, thanks to the aforementioned, Christine. We got to sit inside on leather couches while the rest of the audience wannabees stood in the pouring rain. We got escorted to the FRONT ROW and got to see Regis and Kelly up close - note the pictures included. Then, we (Christine, Nicole and Jo - all wonderful women whose husbands work together and myself) got to have our picture taken with Regis and Kelly, by . . . Gelman! Too fun!

After our fun with Regis and Kelly we went shopping. I'm not talking about fun little shopping, but serious shopping, and I have the bruises and stiff shoulders from carrying all the bags to prove it.

Here are some pictures of us on Canal Street. Christine had guys on bikes stopping to give her hugs and say hi. It was awesome!

And finally, we got to see some incredible shows. First we went to "In the Heights" which was the 2008 Tony Award winner for best musical. It was amazing and the singing was incredible. We also saw "Shrek the Musical" which hasn't been out long. It was hilarious and so creative. I would highly recommend both, but kids especially will love "Shrek."