Monday, June 30, 2014

Fantastically fun fairytale book review!!!! The Rebel Princess by Janice Sperry

Raven Perilous is a princess but she is definitely not a damsel in distress. Her mother, (who is also a princess), was saved from a tower by an evil sorcerer, (her father), and the two fell in love and escaped to the “real” world.

Even though Raven and her family live in the “real” world her family is nothing like the other families in the neighborhood. Her mother coughs up gems and jewelry and her father has magical powers. She lives in a moody house, and she has a twin brother, who like their father has inherited his sorcerer talents. To her disappointment Raven has inherited her mother’s talent, which in her opinion is useless because she wants to be evil like her brother, (who really isn't evil).

Raven tries to distance herself from anything “princessy” but that becomes even more difficult when who of all people shows up at school but Prince charming himself. It seems that Eric Charming had been trapped in time by Raven's father after he was supposed to have rescued Raven's mom from her tower. Raven decides instantly that he's her nemesis and she’s going to show him whose boss, however Prince Charming thinks he has to come save Raven so he can get back to his magical world.

Not to be excluded from this fun and completely delightful tale filled with magic forests and mythical creatures are the fairy godmother's who don't really do a lot to help but actually add extra problems and entertainment.

Anyone who is a fan of fairytales will fall in love with this cute story. Author Sperry has created a fresh, delightful book that is sure to become a fan favorite. I loved the characters, loved the twists, and several times I laughed out loud! Do not miss, The Rebel Princess.

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