Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Christmas was wonderful this year, but I'm glad it's over. I've posted a picture of me with my daughters. We have a tradition of giving pajamas on Christmas Eve and this year I decided to get in on it. I could live in pajamas, actually some days I do. I'm all about comfy.

So now I begin the countdown to spring. I am not a cold weather girl. Getting cold is my least favorite thing in the world (which is weird for a woman having hot flashes). I grew up in St. George and I guess I'll forever be a hot house flower because I'm all about sunshine and warm weather. I really hate it when one of my sisters call in the middle of winter and tell me that they are wearing capris and t-shirts. I think they do it on purpose.
It's funny though, as much work and stress as Christmas is, each year I look forward to the season.
I've actually made some New Year's resolutions. I usually make a long list but this year I decided to focus on four goals, one for each area of focus in my life; spiritual, family, self, writing. I should probably list what they are because I've heard the more people who know about your goals the more likely you are to achieve them. I'm not quite ready to share them . . . yet. If I reach February and I'm staying on course, then I'll come forward with them. Maybe I should add that to my list -- having more courage.

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