Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"I'm desperate - help me Obi Wan" aka FANS TO THE RESCUE!

UPDATE: YOU PEOPLE ARE THE BEST!!!! I am seriously doing the happy dance because I have been getting some of the most awesome title suggestions from you. How is the committee ever going to decide? I am keeping this list for future reference because these are so good. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I will let you know what the decision is.

As most of you know, authors don't get to name their books very often. Hardly ever. But sometimes I've been lucky and suggested a title that sticks. It's such a thrill when this happens.

However, I am having a devil of a time coming up with a great title for the second book in my "Butterfly Box" series. The first book, "A Modest Proposal" was not my title, but it works. So far "the committee" has not liked any of my suggestions for the second book, and I have not cared for any of their suggestions. So, I'm opening it up to my clever and awesome fans. I want to turn it into a contest too.

So, here is a brief synopsis of the story and from that, I would love to take your title suggestions. If your title is chosen you will receive an acknowledgment in the front of the book by name and you will be the first person to receive the book when it is released, autographed, of course. I'd say we could go to lunch too but if you don't live here in the Salt Lake area, that won't work. However, if you live somewhere cool like Hawaii or the Bahamas, I may have to reconsider.

Anyway . . . here is a brief synopsis of the book.

Jocelyn Rogers moves to Milford Falls, Washington to live in the house her grandmother left her when she died. Joss is hoping that memories from 15 years ago have faded, memories of when she lived with her grandmother while she was in high school.
Milford Falls is a small, picturesque town filled with delightfully quirky people. Jocelyn is welcomed by the friendly townsfolk and she is grateful for their kindness especially when one of her pipes burst and floods her grandmother's house. She hires a man named Jack to help repair her plumbing and her walls. Even though they both fight it, they can't help the attraction that develops between them. To pay for the work though, she has to sell her most valuable possession, an original piece of art by her favorite artist.
Over the summerJocelyn spends time outside fixing up her grandmother's yard and with her neighbor's help, plants a large raspberry garden that was always her grandmother's dream. When summer ends Jocelyn begins teaching art at the local junior high school. She begins to really feel like she belongs, but memories from her past begin to haunt not only her but her friends Emma, Lauryn, Chloe and Andi. Is it connected to Ava's death? Are they also in danger?

There you go. I came up with the book, now you come up with the title . . . please! I only have a few days to send in suggestions. Anyone who wants to give it a shot, please get me your title before Sunday the 20th. I will submit my list on Monday the 21st.

Best of luck and . . . thank you!


Luv2Read said...

My title suggestions are:

Escaping the past

Living the dream

Becca said...

My suggestion is:
A Fight with the Past

jenheadjen said...

A few...
Raspberry Garden
Paint and Pauper (j/k!)
Grandma's Raspberries (or something related - like The Raspberries She Wanted - the raspberry garden really sticks out as colorful, vibrant...)

or just for fun,
The Plumber's Hot!

Michele Ashman Bell said...

Okay, girls, now we're talking. I'm liking these and I'm excited to submit them. If you think of any more, send it in.
Thanks again. You are so awesome!

Mom Needs to Save Our Home! said...

I couldn't get in to post earlier for some reason, but here I am.

"The Raspberry Dream"

"Journey to Milford Falls"

"The Inheritance"

"Jocelyn's Inheritance"

Mom Needs to Save Our Home! said...


"The Raspberry Inheritance"

Mom Needs to Save Our Home! said...

"The Raspberry Romance"

"Milford Falls Romance"

Paige's Pages said...

Hmm... how about

"Painting the Past"
"Painting over the Past"
"A Picture of Peace"
"Picturing Peace"
"Hopes Garden"

Apparently, I should leave the book naming to the experts and keep my day job as a Nanny. :) Good Luck!

jmp4gioia said...

Okay asked and we deliver!
Life, Love and the Pursuit of Raspberries
Living In The Midst of Raspberries
The Truth about Milford Falls
The Secret Life of Raspberries
Wandering Through Raspberry Gardens
Whispering Raspberries of Milford Falls
Living Life Through Raspberry Colored Glasses
The Mystery of Milford Falls
Love, Life and Death in Milford Falls
The Smell of Raspberries Past
The Mysterious Raspberry Garden
The Trouble With Raspberry Gardens
The Gardens of Raspberries Past
The Sweet Taste of Milford Falls

The girls and I had a blast coming up with names. Thanks for letting us be apart of your adventure.

jenheadjen said...

Oh Michele, you're gonna love this.

I was thinking, "Who wrote the original 'A Modest Proposal'?" Jonathan Swift. So in keeping along the lines of the titles of his works, I found this one. If you don't know this already, this is seriously one of his titles (according to Wikipedia).

A Tale of a Tub.

I hope you're laughing!!! (And I hope that's the winner!) Too funny!

xiao hui said...

Okay, here goes. :-)

"Raspberry Wishes"
"Haunts of Milford Falls"
"Milford Memories"
"Inheriting the Past"
"Raspberries on Memory Lane"


Beth at Aunties said...

Here are ome of my ideas.

"Raspberry Jam"

"Raspberry Haunt"

"Fresh Raspberries"

"Raspberry Serendipity"

"Serendipity in Color"

"Jocelyn's Serendipity"

"Raspberry Canvas"

"Secrets of Milford Falls"

"Jocelyn's priceless Canvas"

"Serendipity Canvas"

This is an exciting time. We can't wait to read your book!
Good Luck!

One Cluttered Brain said...

Raspberry Love

I too like the color description of rasberries. When does your book come out. i already have the first book. I really enjoyed it!!!!

Terry said...

Romance of Milford Falls.
Milford Falls Dream
The Dream of Milford Falls.

JessPeck said...
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JessPeck said...

Fight or Flight

A Poisoned Raspberry

Back at Milford Falls

Kimberly Job said...

Ancient History

Forgotten Danger

Uncertain Danger

Approaching Danger

Raspberry Peril

A Leap in the Dark


Gathering Clouds

Megan said...

Return to Milford Falls
Grandma's Garden
The Raspberry Dream
Coming Home

This is amazing! I love your books! Thank you for recommending them to me! Personally, too! That was really neat!


Sheila said...

Here are some ideas I came up with. You have many wonderful suggestions already Michelle. Now you are going to have too many to choose from. LOL!

-Living Grandma's Dream

-Chasing Grandma's Dream

-Rendezvous in Milford Falls

-Sweet Dreams in Milford Falls

-Reconciling Raspberry Dreams

-Catching Raspberry Dreams

-Living the Dream in Milford Falls

-Catching Dreams in Milford Falls

-Erasing the Past

-Reflections of the Past

-Reflections on My Past and other Fancy Dreams

Vicki said...

How about "Raspberry Kisses", that's kind of in reference to a "raspberry" we do on our kids (or Grandkids) tummies or the raspberries we blow when we are frustrated!

Noble M Standing said...

What about

Pipe Dreams
A Pipe Dream

or to go with everyone esle Raspberry Pipe Dreams

I decided to make the "theme" of my series a butterfly for the metamorphosis reason about the same time I read "A Modest Proposal". I loved the Chinese myth of the butterfly so much I had to copy it for inspiration. Thank you.

grow up SERIOUSLY! said...

i am just throwing it out there... and i am on drugs from getting my wisdom teeth out... so dont judge :D
ha ha but i am thinking something like "a house to find love..."
i don't know... i wish i was awesome and creative and could come up with something like this... ha ha

<3 kelli

Catherine said...

Just thought I'd throw another couple out there since you said we had until the 20th anyway :).

Bittersweet Secrets
Raspberry Memories

Heather Horrocks said...

I read through the other suggestions and didn't see this one. It is similar enough to your first title to work, and also ties in with both the painting she is forced to sell and her teaching art ...

A Work Of Art

Heather Horrocks