Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Secret Sisters BOOK WINNER ANNOUNCED - WANTED - Worst Date Stories. You might win a copy of "Summer in Paris"

The winner of Tristi Pinkston's book, Secret Sisters, is . . . Miss Breeze! If you will post a comment to this blog announcement to verify that you are you, then email me at your book will be sent to you. CONGRATULATIONS!

ALSO . . .

My good friend Amie Dame Aycock is writing a book and is looking for stories about bad dating experiences to include in her book. If you've had a bad date and you're willing to share it, your story could end up in Amie's book and you might win a copy of my newest release, Summer in Paris.

To share your story you can either:

1 - write it as a comment to this blog
2 - email it directly to Michele at
3 - post it to Michele's Facebook pageHERE

Can't wait to read about those dates! You can change the names to protect the innocent.


One Cluttered Brain said...

Yeah Miss Breeze!!!
i just told her. YIPPEEE!!!!
She didn't know. I LOVE giving good news to people...:)))

Now for a horrible date story. I'm thinking. I think I have the perfect story.

Miss Breeze said...

YIPEE!!! I'm so excited!!!

elizabeth said...

I sent you an email!! :)

Noble M Standing said...

The "date" part was okay. We were going to see a movie as a group. However, the guy I was paired with was from Egypt and had NEVER seen snow. I stood there as my date rolled on the ground giggling like a little girl with his mouth open untill he'd had his fill. Yeah ackward.

smilinmera said...

Ok, my worst date was when I was dating my now husband. He wanted me to plan it, so I did. I had to drive 30 minutes to pick him up and then another 30 to get to the drive-in movie theater and we were late (because he was always late). When we got to the window to pay, he expected me to pay! I only had enough for me, so I asked him to chip in for himself and he did. We saw the "Planet of the Apes" and could hardly hear anything, because the microphone wasn't working. It was hot and muggy out. Lots of bugs! Then as we were driving, the transmission felt funny. It ended up locking up and we were stuck on the side of the road. Luckily, not too far from my house. So, my sister came to rescue us and we got to ride in her truck the other 30 minutes to his house. Sheesh! It was a long night!

Shari said...

Too many to choose. But here are my top two:

1. I went on a blind date in a big group. My date was really active and talkative to other people however he didn't talk to me hardly at all and then when the group was going to go play games at someone's house- he said that he had church meetings in the morning and needed to get to bed (it was 8:30 at the time) and so he left me without a way to go home and I was stuck dateless for the rest of the night.

2. I went to college in my hometown but lived on campus. One day when I was at my parent's house I answered the phone and a lady ask if there was a way to get a hold of me. She explained she was in my aunt's ward and her son needed a date this weekend and if I would go with him. She even knew what they were doing for the date. I should have realized how shy this boy was going to be if his mom had to ask his dates out. But He was painfully shy and I tried to generate conversation only to have one or two word responses. It was quite the time!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Can we enter more than one? I think I have plenty to share! =)

One of my worst dates happened whenI was in college (is there any other time?). I had a date with a totally hot guy in my ward. He even played the drums - really, really played the drums. I was so excited to go out with him, I was ready twenty minutes early, had sweaty palms, and everything.

Well, pick-up time came and went. Ten minutes late - I just twiddled my thumbs, watching the clock, anxiously waiting for the knock on the door. Twenty more minutes passed and I was getting concerned. Was he okay? Did he have an accident? Another twenty minutes passed. I picked up the phone and called his apartment. His roomie answered. I asked for Mike.

"Oh yeah. He's right here, watching football."

Are you freaking kidding me? I was SO mad, I hung up. The next day, Mike came to my apartment to "reschedule" our date. I told him no. He seriously asked me if I was kidding. I told him nope. I didn't need to go out with someone who didn't at least have the decency to call. He got down on his knees and begged me to go out. The only thought going through my mind was he must have thought I was some pity date or he needed his ego smoothed over. I shut the door in his face, while my roomies were all in shock I turned him down. They were ready to chase after him to take on the date I had just turned down.

After that, my friends and I referred to him as Red Mike because he was so wrapped up in himself. I also made a rule that if a guy was more than 15 minutes late and didn't call, then I left him a note then left the apartment to do something better. I wasn't waiting around for selfish guys anymore. Believe me, I could expound on this story. And it wasn't even my worst, worst date! =)

Chas Hathaway said...

I have one! It's on my blog:

It's about my first single/blind date.

That's when I decided blind dating is of the devil...