Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Everyone Can Use a New Cookboook

I don't know about you but the worst part of my day is trying to come up with something for dinner. I don't even like to cook that much, so the fact that I HAVE to do it everyday is such a challenge for me. Whether you like to cook or not, having a new cookbook can conjure up some excitement for preparing fun meals, right?
My sister-in-law, Susan Bell, has compiled a recipe book that I want everyone to know about. The recipes are awesome and healthy. Even though it is geared toward a gluten-free audience, the recipes are fantastic and tasty and she has tested them on her family, so you know kids will love what you make.
Here is the link below to order the book. Happy cookin and eating!


Primarymary said...

Thanks for posting this, my Dad has celiac;s disease and it is a struggle learning to adapt his favorite foods to glutern free. Do you know if she will be selling them anywhere other than EBay?

Cheri J. Crane said...

This sounds like a wonderful new cookbook. Way cool. =)I've always enjoyed dabbling in the recipe realm. I'm ashamed to admit how many recipe books I already own. ;)