Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most!

Taffy and Lianne, where are you? You have won Jodi Marie Robinson's book and mine. Please contact me so we can send them to you.

I need a secretary, a maid, a cook, and a driver (I would have typed chauffer, chaufeur, sho-fer -- oh forget it, but I'm not in the mood to look it up!).

It's time to simplify.

That's been my focus lately. I'm not doing a very good job of it. In fact, if anything, it's gotten worse.

Busy husband, busy kids, busy callings, busy life. Don't get me started.

My sweet, awesome and handsome editor (don't make anything of that, I'm old enough to be his mother) said something the other day when I was in a meeting with him. He said that sometimes we get so busy doing good things that we sometimes neglect the important things. He used the example of social networking and how much time people spend on it when maybe they could be using their time more wisely doing other things. He was politely and kindly telling me that I needed to give my writing some priority status. Thank you, Kirk, for that much needed kick in the rear.

Did that ever ring true, especially for this Bell (Ha-ha, how clever was that? And me functioning with no brain cells).

That is why I dropped my blog posts down to two days a week and that is why I am trying to get rid of things in my life that don't really matter and are taking up my time. I am trying to assess things that I can trim down or cut out of my life. Maybe my next blog can be about the things I've decided to work on. I would love your help and suggestions. I don't have time for therapy, so you, dear readers, are the next best thing. What have you done to simplify your life? I've tried going without sleep and not cooking for my family, both of which failed miserably. Other than that, I'm open to your suggestions.

Don't forget to check back on Friday. I am posting an interview with the amazing Candace Salima. A woman who gets more done in a day, than any five people I know.


Tracy F said...

I'll look forward to your interview with Candace. She's in my ward and is an amazing woman! I'll check back on tips you get from others on ways to simplify, since I could use that also! Help us all as we try to figure that out!

Sheila said...

Oh Michelle, you make me laugh. The only reason I am laughing, is that I have the same problem. I have no answers, so I will be checking back here often to read other peoples' suggestions. :)