Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seriously So Stupid!

Man! I hate it when I do stupid things. Especially when it sets me back for days.

Here's what happened. I am expecting some serious pity comments, okay people?

As per my last personal blog (a week ago) I was telling you that I was busy resurrecting a manuscript so I could submit it. My goal was to have it done and sent yesterday!


Why? Because Miss Brilliant here didn't save about ten pages of awesome changes and brilliant writing (I write fiction, therefore I live in a fictional world . . . OKAY!) and I lost it! My computer did some sort of blip and I was left with nothing! Did you know that crying, stomping,pouting and mass consumption of chocolate does not restore lost documents on your computer? Aghghghgh!

So, I am in the process of trying to remember what the heck I wrote and how I had changed things and because my brain cells are dying daily at an alarming rate, I can't recall any of it. I am now rewriting and trying to dredge up something else that is equally as brilliant and wonderful and to be honest I'm not sure I'm having much luck. We'll see.

Sorry to whine, but (to quote my amazing friend Cheri Crane) "this really inhaled!"

Off to rewrite . . . again!


LL said...

That bites.

I've done the same thing.

And it perplexes beyond the re-write that you are left wondering if it is as good as the original was.

one cute blog said...

I like that - inhaled. We call it "hoovered" - same thing.

Computers are a necessary evil, aren't they? Maybe this rewrite will be even better than the last one.

Ashlyn said...

Holy cow! That's alot of work. Goodluck!

Jennie said...

Arg-h-h! I'm screaming and pulling out my hair for you. Unfortunately I also have to say been there, done that, though it's usually Rocky Mountain Power's fault when that happens to me.

jenheadjen said...

I totally feel for you! In college, I had a 12 page paper due one day and lost it that morning from a virus. Totally stinks! I can't imagine if I had lost 10 pages of fiction! Sending well-wishes to your memory...

Teri said...

Although this will not alleviate all the pain and anguish....perhaps something even more brilliant than you wrote before will come out of it. At least that is a really dramatically positive way to look at it! :)

Good luck!!!!

Suzette Saxton said...


JoAnn Arnold said...

Reading your blog reminded me of the tantrum throwing, crying, slamming my fists on the desk, cussing the computer, etc. that I have gone through with lost pages. But once I had it out of my system, I found that, just like Teri said, something better came from it. That will happen to you, I promise, because you are too clever to let the computer win.