Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This blog is short and sweet. It has been a busy summer and I am in the middle of two deadlines. I'm also getting ready for company to come for a few days and for a big a family reunion, but I had to stop and tell all of my wonderful fans/friends how much I appreciate you.
A couple of weeks ago I sent out a request for help. I am working on a story with one of my characters going on a show similar to the Bachelor. I do not possess enough brain cells to create 25 women to have as contestants on this show, so I put out a call for help and you lovely people were so quick to respond. Within a matter of days I had all the characters I need. You ladies did a superb job. Every one of the characters was as varied and different as they could be and I have to say, I think there are some great writers out there, some who might not even know it. I got such a kick reading through the character descriptions and getting to know these girls who would be part of the show. I'm now trying to come up with a catchy title for the show. I've thought of; Looking for Mr. Right, and the Single Guy. If you have any fun ideas for a fictional show like this please post it.
I have loved having involvement from you in this story. It will definitely be better because you helped me. So thank you! I have the best fans/friends ever!


JoAnn Arnold said...

I haven't anything to offer but I will cheer you on in writing your book.

jenheadjen said...

Ooooh... fun!

My ideas:
Lady Crazy
Mama Material
In Search of a Queen
Dating, No Shame
A Mighty Quest
American Marriage Search
1 Man plus 25 Women

hahaha! This is too fun Michele! I should send my mom to your site. She's sure to have some great (and crazy) ideas!

Velika said...

"Now accepting applications for Mr. Right"
It's long, but just a thought